Thursday, December 27, 2012

White Time

As many writers experience, story ideas come with little or no advance notice. The same is true of unexpected writing time. As this backyard picture illustrates, I was geographically blessed by winter storm Euclid hitting my area on Christmas day. 

With little advance warning, 12-15 inches of snow incapacitated the roads and put 190,000 people in the city out of power. Luckily, I didn't lose power even though many friends are still without electricity. [I've asked them to stay, but the roads are too icy to make it to my house which sits on a very steep hill.] 

So, instead of worrying about missing after Christmas sales, I've settled in and accepted this gift of writing time with open arms. I'm getting caught up on marketing deadlines, working on my website, checking in on Facebook and Pinterest and may even Tweet if the inspiration hits. 

Mostly, I'm recording sensory details for future projects. I love winter, but now I'll depend less on memory for winter details (crystal crackling of ice falling from the trees) and more on my notes.

A sudden winter storm strengthened my writing and spirit. Post holiday chaos has been replaced with white time to recharge and create. Happy winter!

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  1. We didn't have much snow, but I have been sitting at the dining room table with my new computer (my son's old computer-which was better than the one I had) editing my MG novel. I'm going to have to get a cushion, though, the dining room seat is kinda hard!