Sunday, January 6, 2013

Into the Fray

My new picture book, Alphabet Puke - Monsters' Medicine A-Z is coming out in March and I need to jump on the internet marketing highway in a major way. Yikes!

Do I know all the things you need to do to get a book noticed among the thousands of children's books published each year? Nope, not even close. Am I going to throw up my hands in defeat? (maybe) I mean, NO! 

I am going to assimilate all the marketing wisdom shared by children's authors and other online experts to guide my forays into advertising and "horn tooting" territory. I may even buy a bigger horn! (Probably not, but I may get one with more bling or maybe a steampunk horn. I'll let you know.)

Got any marketing pearls to share? Pass them forward and I'll do the same. 

1 comment:

  1. Good luck, I wish I were in your position. Some things you should do is visit writing blogs - and leave comments and follow. People usually reciprocate by commenting on your posts and following you. Also people sometimes click on your comment you put on other blogs and get to your site that way. Post on facebook and twitter. Have writer friends post about your upcoming book, maybe do interviews on other sites. Vista print is a good place to obtain bookmarks and such where you can 'advertise' about your book. Post about it, peak people's interest.You have to put yourself 'out there' for people to find.