Friday, November 23, 2012

In the Black

For years, I thought Black Friday was named for the rudeness and misbehavior of day after Thanksgiving shoppers. I didn't realize it was for shop owners who were now solvent and "in the black" after 11 months of being in the red. 

It's a lot like writing. The majority of the time you use a red pen to hone a story to a fine edge. Then, after many revisions there is only black ink, no more rude red; the piece is polished to perfection. It becomes Black Friday or Black Tuesday or whatever.

Like finding a great sale, satisfaction reigns. Send it to an editor and hope for green.


  1. I started using a red pen at my writer's group meetings I go to on Tuesdays. Most everyone liked the idea so much that they started using a red pen, too. Sometimes it is nice to see a lot of red on a manuscript you were having trouble with - it meant lots of help and ideas that you needed. Other times it is good to see little red, it means you got it right! It would be nice to see green, though :o)

  2. Love this post, Quinn! I love getting through the red to black. And i'm still waiting for the green;-)

  3. Yes. It is really satisfying! I know we will get there with our supportive critique partners and tons of perseverance.