Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vacation Time is Divine

As many people do, I have fond memories of summer vacation. School was out and except for household chores and sometimes grueling (if I didn't have a stack of books) car trips, the 3 months of summer were divine. Being known as a children's writer helps when people see me light up with joy at the start of June and don't dim until after Labor Day. 

Even though I have to work at the day job all summer, I do get a couple of weeks off for good behavior. (Yes, Oregon. It was good to see you too!)

In my writing, I try to capture that child-like glee of summer freedom as well. Anything that detracts from that feeling is "the problem" and the return of joy is the solution. Simple, right? Not really, but I like to think of childhood in those terms. (Yes, I am a bit of a Pollyanna. I admit it, but its better than the grumpy alternative.) 

As you embark on your summer writing, try to use favorite summer home/vacation memories to pull the wonder of freedom and anticipation into your work. The exercise may surprise you and help develop depth to your work that you didn't anticipate. Happy summer! - Q

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