Sunday, August 18, 2013

From the Great Beyond

Do you ever run up against day job deadlines, procrastinated a bit too long, or had family demands that made it impossible to get a story finished in time for your critique group? Me too. 

The past few months have been beyond busy. (I've even gotten super behind on this blog.)

So this month, I pulled a story from my files that I wrote several years ago to see why it had been relegated to the great beyond (beyond me caring about it anymore). 

Hmm...the structure was okay. The premise was simple. It wasn't too long, but still had lots of illustration opportunities. I even had a record of the publishers I had sent it to and been rejected by (some with personal replies!) 

The answer is simple. I lost confidence in the story and gave up too soon. Now in hind sight (and with more experience), I believe it deserves a second chance. 

So, I'll submit it to my critique group to make sure I'm not kidding myself, then if it gets a thumbs up, I'll send it out again.
Maybe this time...